Experience Required: I has none…

As I just finished a job interview in Seattle, I have been thinking a lot about careers. It seems so competitive these days, yet there is much promise of jobs for new grads. Sometimes it seems like all I see are job openings requiring experience I don’t have. What makes it difficult is that you need experience to get more experience, but experience takes time, but a lot of people don’t have time and I can’t spell the word experince to save my life…

Luckily, in the field of Computer Science, I can get some of that experience on my own. What prevents me from doing that, ideas and motivation! Nobody is telling you to do it and you sure aren’t getting paid for it (at least starting out). Once I take a minute to stop thinking about how worried I am about finding a job, I just let go and let God take over. I can only be myself, so I gotta trust God will lead me to the right opportunity. Sometimes it feels like I just want a job, but if I was offered the wrong job, would I take it just because it was offered?

I don’t usually tell people about potential job opportunities and interviews because I don’t want to get their hopes or my own up for something that is not sure. In fact, it was the same thing before I dated Katie, I didn’t want to tell people about my feelings for her until it was a sure thing. Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I just don’t want people to know about what could be called a failure. Either way, I’ll be much more open when I have that job nailed down.

Another thing, when I write a cover letter for a company, do I need to write a completely different one for another company? Then it all comes down to stress and wasting your time trying to get a job that you may not get. The sad truth is in whatever field, there is always going to be someone better. So what I’m doing now, is picking an area and becoming a “specialist” so to speak. I think it would be fun to make mobile apps for a career, time will tell if that becomes a reality. Job searches and interviews can be stressful as I’ve found the past few months.

I trust though, I will look back at this post and just smile, because God has a plan, always does. It may not have been what I had in mind, but that’s cool. I’m married now, so it is pretty cool for my wife and I to really start our careers together. We will always remember these times where we didn’t have too much money, yet we are satisfied.


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